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NEVER TO CRY intimately portrays the lives of two Angolan children who are brought to Spain for rehabilitation from major leg injuries. During their recovery in Barcelona, Cassinda [age 10] and Romeo [age 12] discover the power of solidarity through the surprising friendships they develop with the Castellers of Barcelona [the Castellers train and compete in the construction of human towers]. Cassinda and Romeo are captivated by the training of the Castellers and they are accepted as part of the team.

Cassinda and Romeo are fiercely courageous, having survived the violent and impoverished conditions that affect more than 70 percent of children in Angola. In addition to their physical disabilities [each underwent the amputation of one leg], Cassinda and Romeo must face the devastating consequences of war. They are forced to reconcile the disparate conditions of two worlds [Angola and Spain]. Ultimately, Cassinda and Romeo must return to their families in Angola – and the homecomings present fresh challenges. Yet despite these challenges, elements of hope and optimism resonate.


04 April 2013 -- TV3-Catalunya/Canal 33; "El Documental."



Alissa Nicole Creamer received her BA in World Arts and Cultures, graduating as valedictorian from UCLA School of Arts and Architecture in 2003. She completed her MA in Theory and Practice of Documentary Film in Barcelona, Spain, fully funded by a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship. Alissa has received funding to shoot international still photography and short-format documentary projects for NGOs in the U.S., Africa, Europe, and South America. In Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA, her work has been featured in museum exhibition (Oregon Jewish Museum, 2012; CAFAM, 2004) as well as publication (Harcourt Brace, 2006). NEVER TO CRY marks her debut as a feature film director. The documentary with working title DANCE INDIA is her second feature in production. Alissa currently teaches documentary filmmaking at St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, OR (USA).


Georgia Wyss has extensive international experience editing feature films and commercial videos, including numerous TV documentaries (ABC, Disney, PBS, Sundance Channel) and music video documentaries (VHS, MTV, Sony Music). In 2005, she edited the trailer and provided additional editing for Isabel Coixet's feature film THE SECRET LIFE OF WORDS (La Vida Secreta de las Palabras). In 2006, she edited the documentary A CRUDE AWAKENING, THE OIL CRASH, directed by Ray McCormack and Basil Gelpke which screeened in over 70 international film festivals and won 7 awards for best documentary. Georgia most recently edited the feature documentary THE LIGHTBULB CONSPIRACY (COMPRAR, LLENÇAR, COMPRAR) in 2010, produced by Mediapro, and directed by Cosima Dannoritzer, which won Best Documentary in the Spanish Academic Television Awards in 2011.


Four-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker John Rubin turned to documentaries after completing his Ph.D. in cognitive science at MIT. A writer-producer-director, John has made a wide variety of films for television, often mixing the genres of history, science, and natural history. He recently completed APE GENIUS, a film that explores the gap between ape minds and our own, for National Geographic and NOVA, for which he was awarded the prestigious Peabody Award for journalistic excellence. He is currently working on his sixth hour for the PBS series NATURE. In addition to his Emmy Awards as researcher for LIVING WEAPON for American Experience [PBS] and as supervising producer of KING COBRA for National Geographic Explorer, John won the television writing prize from the National Association of Science Writers in 2002 for scripting CLONE!, also for Explorer.

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